May 2024 - Munich High End Show

Introducing during Munich HighEnd show 2024 our absolute top-of-the-range tonearm:


the AXIOM Titan Grande Complication - the AXIOM Titan G.C.     


A tonearm which allows for the very first time in analog history precise and repeatable setting of all possible adjustments individually and independent from each other. VTA, static VTF, dynamic VTF, lateral balance, Azimuth, Overhang and SRA - all individually and most of them with micrometer drive w/scale. Allowing the owner to return to former settings with any cartridge in unmatched accuracy and precision. Further allowing fine tuning of any mounted cartridge to a degree never before possible - VTF & Antiskating fine adjustment during play and with 1/100th of a mN precision ON SCALE! That way ensuring that any mounted cartridge can be fine-tuned to it's very best possible performance.

March 2024 

Listening during fine tuning cartridge alignment at Oslo Show 2024.

February 2024

November 2023

Presented at Sunny Components, Covina, L.A. on November 18th hosting the L.A. & O.C. Audio Society's 30th Anniversary meeting.

Dietrich Brakemeier, acoustical systems
A*STELLAR, finish: dark antracite

October 2023

AUDIO VIDEO SHOW 2023 - Warsaw

the A*STELLAR - turntable, finish: light titanium

acoustical systems - presented at the HIGH END 2023 Munich

We would like to thank you for your numerous visits. 

the AXIOM Annyversary - VTA, antiskating and tracking force on-the-fly

the AXIOM Annyversary - VTA, antiskating and tracking force on-the-fly

AQUILAR Annyversary - VTA and antiskating on-the-fly

acoustical systems in Hong Kong

Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

our APOLYT ...

stereophile - 2014

stereophile - February 2014 - Analog Corner by Michael Fremer (p. 27 to 31). See full 4-page review of the SMARTractor - get your digital copy of February 2014 issue at

"Dietrich Brakemeier's new SMARTractor is easily the most ambitious, well-conceived, well-executed alignment protractor I've seen."

Michael Fremer, editor of, a website devoted to all things analogical



image hifi - 2013

Wenn die Wahrheit nicht dazwischen liegt - Justage-Schablone Acoustical Systems SMARTractor, image hifi 6/2013, Autor: Uwe Kirbach, Fotografie: Rolf Winter

... "Präzision ist das Stichwort bei Dietrich Brakemeiers SMARTractor, er ist an jeder Stelle ein perfektes Messinstrument. ... Es ist das Einstellinstrument, von dem ich immer geträumt habe. Ein anderes werden wir nicht mehr benötigen. Image hifi nimmt daher Dietrich Brakemeiers SMARTractor in seinen Shop auf, Sie können ihn ab sofort bestellen."


Uwe Kirbach, Chefredakteur

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