SRA / VTA / Azimuth template

SMARTstylus with hand loupe and in hard case

Makes setting the desired SRA / VTA an easy, fast and enjoyable exercise

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This all-new SRA/VTA template received much praise and universal acclaim by all international reviewers seeing it at Munich High End show 2015.
- all loved the product and it’s total new and innovative approach.

The SMARTstylus template comes in an engraved, handy hard case.
It features a 2x and 5x card-shaped hand loupe and a removable acrylic crossbar for 100% stability in use and operation.

The SMARTstylus is the very first template allowing for setting ALL geometric parameters of the cartridge - azimuth, SRA and VTA !! - fast and accurate within minutes.

Further it allows for accurate setting of horizontal arm wand.

The design and concept of the SMARTstylus is patent pending and under copyright protection.


In many ways the SMARTstylus matches and somehow “completes” the SMARTractor.


As the SMARTstylus takes care of the 3rd dimension in cartridge set-up - while the SMARTractor makes sure the first 2 dimensions are perfect.


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