A*STELLAR turntable

Join me on a 12 minute walk-through of the A*Stellar turntable. Allow me to guide you through it's obvious and the majority of it's hidden features. This turntable is all about applied physics and German engineering as it once used to be. A turntable like no other, with features like no other - and a good bundle of them! With a universal design approach - a design which can only come forth from a 35 year experience in designing and building top-notch turntables which explore the absolute frontier in analog playback and push it as far as ever possible. To me the A*Stellar is the tip of the spear in analog frontend.

The ultimate turntable .....
reduced to the absolute maximum performance


The essence of 33 years turntable design and evolution in the APOLYT finds it's cumulation in an all-new turntable concept.


The task was to transfer the relevant and unique design features of the extremely large and heavy APOLYT into a considerably more compact and feasible format - without losing even the tiniest aspect of the all-alone sonic level provided.


All the design features and inventions which defined the unique apogee level of the APOLYT's sonic performance have now been incorporated in a much more compact and positively matured new design.


The A*STELLAR is literally the design result of “the road of excess leading to the palace of wisdom .....”

A turntable second to no other - in it's concept and sonic performance on a par with the APOLYT and superior to all others.




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