alignment tools

unusual solutions and real refined alignment instruments - resulting in better sonics for the user

As we concentrate on the analog front-end only, we re-think everything and look for advanced solutions in all fields of analog phono transcription.


Thus we take pride to offer the finest and by far most advanced alignment tools in high end history.


Alignment tools which offer real novelities, advanced precision and ensure better sound for you.


Including a all-new and advanced tangential curve - UNI-DIN - which offers better sound on all stereo records.

More headroom, less sibilants, less distortion, larger soundstage - with every cartridge and every tonearm.


This tangential curve - based on an unique concept - is available only with our alignment protractors SMARTractor and UNI-Protractor and is the intellectual property of our chief design engineer.


Further we do offer an all-new cartridge alignment tool - the SMARTstylus - for cartridge set up.

Allowing the user to set azimuth, SRA and VTA very fast - at a glance and within 3-5 minutes.

Without need of an USB microscope and hours of messing around.


Browse through the sub pages on the left and you see how serious we are about analog phono set-up.




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