SDP - the BEST upgrade for turntables

Special decoupled platter w/isolated spindle and customized mounting pillar(s).

BLACK SDP on Brinkmann LaGrange w/special height equalizers for the arm bases. Lifting the sonic performance beyond expectations.


******* client's comments *******

  " I can report that it is like a totally new turntable. There is so much more focus and resolution within the soundstage that every single LP sounds totally different to what I remember. It is as if they are different recordings. Previously notes where homogenised and smeared together. .....I simply cannot believe how focused the soundstage is now. Inner details galore! "

Dr. R., Sydney


" unbelieveable improvement ...... it's like having spent 30k+

on a new turntable! ...."

Dr. A. , Hamburg


" .... single best tweak I've ever had in my analog system ....... no one would believe what a difference this makes ......... an ingenious solution ......"

Mr H. , Berlin


" .... swift to install and immediately audible transformation of my system  ..... "

Mr G. , Dallas


"...... magic ....."

Mr H. , Singapore



We have designed and manufactured this very special upgrade for serious audiophiles all over the world since 2009. It started as a "sonic need" for the big Micro Seiki skeleton turntables of the RX- and SX- series.

Soon we discovered that most every turntable benefits from this upgrade.


Meanwhile more than a dozen big Micro Seiki RX-3000, SX-/RX-5000 and SX-8000, as well as several Platine Verdier and TW Acustic Raven turntables (to name the most commonly know) featuring this upgrade are heading top-flight high-end audio set-ups in Canada, USA, HongKong, Germany, Singapore, Japan.


Installed on the turntables of some of the most serious audiophiles who were going for the very last word in possible sound reproduction through an analog front-end.


The decoupled platter solution brings a complex bundle of improvements to the turntable.


* 1st - it isolates the record and cartridge during actual tracking totally from all bearing-born vibrations and rumble usually apparent in the spindle and from there transferred to the record.


Here an isolated spindle - embedded in PTFE/POM and totally decoupled from the bearing of the turntable - allows for the preservation of the most tiny detail and brings forth prior unheard ease, authority and air to the music reproduction of your turntable.


* 2nd - there is the vast increase of inertia by the added decoupled platter and the full-surface-dampening of the turntable's platter.


* 3rd - the 1 1/2 inch thick acrylic platter rests on a special embedding of isolating gel which brings forth 100% dampening of the turntables platter and a superb adhesive contact between the decoupled platter and the turntable's platter. The decoupled platter itself is a very special design which features an unique gel "reservoir" and thus providing an additional semi-liquid dampening to the contact surface between the turntable's platter and the decoupled platter.

Resulting in the most "dead" turntable platter you can imagine. No resonances - no ringing.

An ideal and dead quiet foundation for your records to bring out their very best.


The result is vastly increased inertia PLUS superb inner damping and the total absence of platter resonance.


Now ... your benefits ?


*better speed stability due to vastly increased inertia

*much quiter - "pitch black" - background in the sonic picture

*less "grain" in the music

*increased stability in dimensions and placement on sonic stage

*more minute detail and color - more "air" in voices


In total an immense sonic improvement in the most demanding areas of the sonic picture. An improvement which you won't believe ... till you hear it.


This is an easy-to-install plug-and-play solution with NO modifications or alternations to the original condition, surface or parts of the given turntable. 

Everything can be installed in 30 minutes and can be removed without damage or residue to the original surface and parts of the turntable.


We do supply customized mounting raisers ( not only to accommodate Micro Seiki arm boards ..) and special decoupled platter (also available in black now) for most any turntable.

If you are interested in bringing your analog set-up to unheard new heights of performance, - just contact us.



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