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November 2023

Presented at Sunny Components, Covina, L.A. on November 18th hosting the L.A. & O.C. Audio Society's 30th Anniversary meeting.

Dietrich Brakemeier, acoustical systems
A*STELLAR, finish: dark antracite

November 2023

"The sound? To put it simply, it is Axiom on steroids. "

November 2023

October 2023

AUDIO VIDEO SHOW 2023 - Warsaw

the A*STELLAR - turntable, finish: light titanium

acoustical systems - presented at the HIGH END 2023 Munich

The Occasional Magazine / Summer 2019 / VOLUME 6

ARCHÉ 5D HEADSHELL, by Marc Phillips






"The Acoustical Systems Arché 5D headshell is pricey, sure. But once you use it, you`ll realize that it represents an incredible value. It takes much of the guesswork out of cartridge alignment, and its superb design extracts even more detail from the groove. Highly recommended!"


Marc Phillips 


The complete article to read.
Arche Headshell from TheOccasional_2020_[...]
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September 2019 - The Rocky Mountain International Hifi Press Awards 2019

We would like to thank you for your numerous visits. 

the AXIOM Annyversary - VTA, antiskating and tracking force on-the-fly

the AXIOM Annyversary - VTA, antiskating and tracking force on-the-fly

AQUILAR Annyversary - VTA and antiskating on-the-fly

April 2019 - the fideles - Test - AUDIOTECHNIQUE, Issue No. 451

PDF-Dokument [2.1 MB]

April 2018 - the fideles - Test. HIFISTATEMENT Netmagazine

November 2017 - the fideles

We herewith proudly introduce the fideles  - an all-new high-end phono cartridge.

fideles“ derivates from Latin / German and stands for „faithful, - as well as agile and lively“.


Unusual in this price class, the fideles features a solid advanced Titanium Timet 1100 body of unparalleled energy transfer ability and unique combination of strength and light weight.

The generator system is a double-magnet - focused field - moving ferrum pipe - principle which gives a healthy high output of 5.5 mV.

Very easy handle for any phono stage and no need for a high-gain / moving coil phono input.


Any phono input with 35 to 50 dB gain and 47k to 100k impedance is fine.

The fideles’ Titanium body further features 3 rows of threads to allow perfect overhang in any headshell / tonearm.


The fideles produces a very dynamic, live-like, colorful, open, transparent and natural sound and performs solidly several steps above it’s price range.

It features very high trackability - above 90 µm! -  and is very easy to align.

It’s relatively low body mass allows perfect synergy with a very wide selection of low to medium-high mass tonearms.


It easily rivals - not just in terms of it’s cnc’ed Titanium body - high end cartridges in the price range of 2000 to 3500 US$ retails.


The fideles has a world-wide retails price target of around US$ 1200 / EURO 990.


The fideles was designed to set a new standard in the US$ 1200 to 2000 - price range of phono cartridges - in terms of technical input, value for money and performance alike.

May 2017 -  the Palladian

"A moving coil cartridge that serves like a time machine" - written by Paul Leung , AUDIOTECHNIQUE, Issue No. 428 - Hong Kong | May 2017

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March 2017 -  the archon 

"Buy an Archon and for the once you won't be sorry you played it safe." by Roy Gregory | March 31. 2017

January 2017 - TEST. the Palladian

Acoustical Systems - The Palladian Cartridge- 01-30-2017 | By Dirk Sommer | Issue 89


Acoustical Systems has proved with its two tonearms that even today innovations in the analogue sector are feasible. The Palladian shows that one does not have to reinvent the wheel to play in the top league. Dietrich Brakemeier's long-standing analogue experience has allowed him to design a cartridge that works at the highest level and, in its thrilling immediacy, comes impressively close to the live experience. To me, this dynamic Acoustical Systems combo represents the analogue discovery of the year!  (Dirk Sommer - HIFIstatement) - please click here for the complete test!

November 2016 

September 2016 - TEST. the Palladian

August 2016 - Wo alle Zweifel enden - Beyond all doubt

image hifi, Ausgabe 5/2016 - Autor: Uwe Kirbach, Fotografie: Rolf Winter

Beyond all doubt


Wo alle Zweifel enden


August 2016

acoustical systems in Hong Kong

Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

our APOLYT ...

June 2016 - the palladian – a study in live .......

click here ... and read more ...

May 2016, Munich

Now in **ENGLISH** - April 2016 - AUDIOTECHNIQUE magazine #407

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April 2016 - Review Aquilar Tonearm - published by POSITIVE FEEDBACK - USA

April 2016 - Review Aquilar Tonearm - published by HIFImusic, Israel

April 2016 - TEST. Aquilar Tonearm, HIFISTATEMENT netmagazine

In **ENGLISH** - January 2016 - AUDIOTECHNIQUE magazine #412

AUDIOTECHNIQUE No. 412 January 2016 - a most detailed 7-page-review of the AQUILAR 10" reference tonearm. Also compared sonically - within the same set-up - with it's "brother": the AXIOM 12" reference tonearm !

ENGLISH - The AQUILAR 10" - full review and comparison with AXIOM 12" - January 2016, Audiotechnique magazine # 412
PDF-Dokument [5.5 MB]

December 2015 - analog magazine,  Japan, vol. 50:

FIVE STARS for the AQUILAR *****

analog, Winter 2015, Selected Analog Equipments

December 2015 - STEREO SOUND, Japan, No. 193:

GRAND PRIX 2015 for the AQUILAR 10" reference tonearm

STEREO SOUND magazine BEST BUY Components 2015: Top-recommendation for "Best Buy components" in 2015 for AQUILAR 10" reference tonearm. Recommendation for SMARTractor and AXIOM 12" reference tonearm.

December 2015 - TONEAudio, Canada, issue 75:

review of the AIWON in brand new issue (published December 2015) of TONEAudio magazine # 75 (pages 136 - 141):


TONEAudio - Favorites 2014

Our Favorite Accessory - the SMARTRACTOR

6-page full review, the review starts page 92.



Audiotechnique issue 399 December 2014 Acoustical Systems' AXIOM - full 5 page set-up report by Lee 388



Audiotechnique issue 390 March 2014 Acoustical Systems' SMARTractor© - full 4 page-review by Lee 388


analog - 2014

vol. 43, review SMARTractor & UNI DIN

stereophile - 2014

stereophile - February 2014 - Analog Corner by Michael Fremer (p. 27 to 31). See full 4-page review of the SMARTractor - get your digital copy of February 2014 issue at Stereophile.com

"Dietrich Brakemeier's new SMARTractor is easily the most ambitious, well-conceived, well-executed alignment protractor I've seen."

Michael Fremer, editor of AnalogPlanet.com, a website devoted to all things analogical



image hifi - 2013

Wenn die Wahrheit nicht dazwischen liegt - Justage-Schablone Acoustical Systems SMARTractor, image hifi 6/2013, Autor: Uwe Kirbach, Fotografie: Rolf Winter

... "Präzision ist das Stichwort bei Dietrich Brakemeiers SMARTractor, er ist an jeder Stelle ein perfektes Messinstrument. ... Es ist das Einstellinstrument, von dem ich immer geträumt habe. Ein anderes werden wir nicht mehr benötigen. Image hifi nimmt daher Dietrich Brakemeiers SMARTractor in seinen Shop auf, Sie können ihn ab sofort bestellen."


Uwe Kirbach, Chefredakteur

HI-FI WORLD - 2013

Smart line up - Tony Bolton immerses himself in the world of cartridge alignment with a new cartridge protractor from Germany. HI-FI WORLD September 2013

" I have found this review fascinating and have come to the following choices of alignment: for my shellac, I will stick to the original Baerwald curve. For microgroove use, both mono and stereo, I shall now be using UNI-DIN. I liked the presentation of the music better, enjoying the greater space and definition of the shape and form of sounds.

I like this product. It is expensive, but the quality of finish, and the precision of the engineering make the cost worth while. It also allowed me to fine-tune a turntable to a better level than I could previously. With the result that my records sound clearer and more enjoyable, which is the whole object of the exercise in the first place."

The Audio Beat - 2013

How Close is Close Enough? The Acoustical Systems SMARTractor | by Roy Gregory | June 19, 2013

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