the AXIOM Titan Grande Complication - the AXIOM Titan G.C.

Introducing during Munich HighEnd show 2024 our absolute top-of-the-range tonearm:


the AXIOM Titan Grande Complication - the AXIOM Titan G.C.   


A tonearm which allows for the very first time in analog history precise and repeatable setting of all possible adjustments individually and independent from each other. VTA, static VTF, dynamic VTF, lateral balance, Azimuth, Overhang and SRA - all individually and most of them with micrometer drive w/scale. Allowing the owner to return to former settings with any cartridge in unmatched accuracy and precision. Further allowing fine tuning of any mounted cartridge to a degree never before possible - VTF & Antiskating fine adjustment during play and with 1/100th of a mN precision ON SCALE! That way ensuring that any mounted cartridge can be fine-tuned to it's very best possible performance.

"The sound? To put it simply, it is Axiom on steroids. "

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